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The care requirements for the Dogo Argentino (aka Argentinian Mastiff aka Argentine Dogo ) compared wDogo Argentino puppiesith most breeds are minimal. The most important points of Dogo Argentino care are: Love, attention and exercise! Most Dogos are happy with these three ingredients. The Dogo needs plenty of exercise! Dogo Argentinos are an active and energetic breed and can become irritable and destructive to furniture if not properly exercised. Exercise is also vital to preserve the beautiful muscle tone so characteristic of this breed.

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Welcoming your new Dogo Argentino puppy!

Once you bring yoDogo Argetino puppy pictureur new Argentine Dogo puppy home for the first time remember that he/she is still a baby Dogo. And babies need a lot of care and attention and love! Time and patients are the key ingredients in helping your baby Dogo adjust to the new environment. Remember your Argentine Dogo puppy has just left the only family and litter mates he has ever known, (albeit a short time!) Most Dogo Argentino puppies will adjust with almost no sign of upset at all. Others are more unsettled by this transition. But try to make the first week or 2 with you as relaxed and stress free as possible for your dogo argentino puppy. Be sure to be his hero through this time period, always loving, petting, comforting and helping him.

Use thisDogo Argentino puppy time period to allow your Dogo puppy to develop his trust for you. This will create a stronger bond between the two of you and will seal his loyalty to you.

Find out the feeding routine of the breeder and stick to that at least for a week or two. If you want to change your Dogo Argentinos kibble to one of your own choosing (we recommend Eagle Pack Holistic formula ) do so gradually mixing the new food in with the old food at larger and larger ratios each time. This will avoid an upset digestive system or diarrhea. Feed him in the same place every time. And of course have fresh water available at all times except during the night time when house training. Make sure your Dogo Argentino puppy has his own bed and stick with the same spot every night.

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Dogo Argentino dog food

Your aim in feeding your Dogo Argentino should be to aid as much as Dogo Argentino foodpossible in muscle, bone and joint health without overfeeding. We feed our Dogo Argentinos Eagle Pack Holistic formula . It is best to feed a 2-4 month old puppy 2 or 3 times a day. Until you are familiar with your Dogo’s eating habits avoid making his food accessible all the time. If you notice your puppy putting on too much weight you might want to restrict his food consumption. Obesity can be a serious health risk to your Dogo Argentino puppy, especially in later life.

You can start feeding your Dogo Argentino adult food at about 12-18 months. If your Dogo is spayed or neutered or due to old age becomes less active you might want to switch to a ‘light’ or ‘low-fat’ version of his food to avoid obesity. If your Dogo Argentino’s puppy kibble is hard you may soften it with warm water mix it with their favorite canned food.

You often get what you pay for when it comes to dog food. We suggest feeding a high quality, natural based food. Be warned that any brand can (and often does) change the ingredients and their ways of processing at any time without notice. So educate yourself on the different brands and check labels periodically for any changes. The less ‘junk’ in it the better. Avoid foods with lots of preservatives and fillers. This web site will help you review & understand the best foods for your Dogo Argentino puppy: www.dogfoodanalysis.com/

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*Yogurt contributes to bone growth and digestive system health and most dogos love the taste.( 1-2 tablespoons per feeding).

*Corn or Canola oils are great for the Dogo Argentinos coat and skin.

* One or 2 hard boiled or scrambled eggs a day is a great idea as well and most Dogos love it & eggs are full of vitamins, minerals & OMEGA 3 fatty acids near 100% of the nutrition in an egg is used by the body unlike dog food & most multi vitamins.

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* Dogo Argentino’s diets should be supplemented with Ester Vit C for Dogo Argention picturegood immune system support and most importantly for good joint development. Since hip dysplasia is a problem familiar to the Dogo Argentino breed it’s best to begin taking preventive measures dogo from puppy hood on. We recomend 1000mg of Ester Vit C once dayly for Dogo Argentino puppies & 2000mg of Ester Vit C once dayly for adult Dogo Argentinos. We order our Ester Vit C from DNE 800-221-1833. Dogo Argentinos (especially growing Argentine Dogo puppies) should also be on supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin. Have fresh water available always for your Dogo Argentino aka Argentinian mastiff. (Unless potty training) But make sure your dogo doesn’t drink too much and bloat itself.

Housing and Bedding for Dogo Argentino aka Argentinian mastiffs:

The Dogo Argentino is a tough and hearty dog and so can do well when kept outdoors. We recommend indoor living. But if your Dogo Argentino is going to be kept outdoors you should bring him in when the temperature drops below freezing. On the other hand Argentine Dogo picturesbe careful not to allow your Dogo to spend long periods of time in direct sunlight as they are prone to sun burning. Never put your Dogo Argentino on a chain! You can spend a fortune on bedding materials for a Dogo but it’s not necessary. Most are thrilled with a simple blanket that is inexpensive and easy to wash and dry. Artificial sheepskin rugs due nicely also. Dogo Argentinos are usually not destructive so there is no need for super-strength dog pillows and blankets. Just get what is easy to wash and dry and what you and your Dogo are happy with.
We highly recommend crate training for your Dogo Argentino www.dogo-argentinos.org/cratetraining.htm. Almost any dog enjoys having his own private retreat to go to when he wants to be left alone. Dogo Argentinos are no exception. A crate makes potty training much easier and less confusing

Dogo Puppy Supplies:

Your Dogo Argentino puppy will need a few things to get started. You may want to acquire these things before your puppy comes home that way you’ll be ready. A food and water dish, of course. Preferably stainless steel with straight sides and a flat bottom. A collar and leash for walking. A crate for when your Dogo Argentino puppy is unattended. Nail clippers or grinder. Guillotine type clippers are readily available and work well. You can use the grinder to grind the nail to a smooth, round end. Either way be sure not to cut into the quick. A brush for regular grooming.

A set of bowls that hook onto the door of the crate for traveling.

Toys:Rawhide toys are not recommended for Dogo Argentino Dogo Argentino puppy picturepuppies. They have very powerful jaws and can tear the rawhide off and choke on it. There are a huge variety of toys that can be uses for Argentine Dogo puppies but I have found the simplest to be the most fun for our Dogo Argentino puppies. Tug of war with a simple knotted sock will provide endless fun for you and your Dogo Argentino puppy. Others love chasing a ball. Whatever you choose just be sure it is not small enough to get lodged in your puppies throat. You also want to remove any small eyes or buttons on the toys to prevent choking on these.

Below are some other areas of Dogo Argentino care:


The Dogo Argentinos coat is short and has no undercoat. It is easily cared for and needs brushing only once or twice a week to remove dead hair and dogo Argentino adultskin. Regular brushing also helps evenly distribute natural body oils. Most Dogos love being brushed so you may want to schedule in time for daily brushing sessions. Trust me, they will love you for it! The light coat of the Dogo Argentino makes them quite susceptible to sunburn. Do not leave your Dogo in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


The Dogo Argentinos nails grow fast and long. They need regular trimming about once every 2 weeks or so. We prefer to use a dremel tool to grind the nail to a smooth round end. Guillotine clippers are fine too. Be careful not to cut into the quick (the dark part of the nail towards the top).


The Dogo Argentinos ears are traditionally cropped, therefore they can collect a lot of dirt. Make sure to clean your Dogos ears at least every week. This should be done with cotton balls. And much the same as yourself, be careful not to push anything used to clean your Dogos ears too far inside the ear canal.


Argentine Dogos naturally love water so bathing a Dogo Argentino can be lots of fun for you and your Dogo. Most Argentine Dogo love to take baths and even those who don’t are usually easy to deal with. Most Dogo owners only bathe their Dogos when they are actually dirty and need it. When the time comes you will need to gather up your supplies: shampoo, cotton balls, sponge or washcloth and towel. Choosing a shampoo for your Dogo Argentino is much like choosing one for yourself. There is no right or wrong. You just have to try several brands till you find one that agrees with your Argentine Dogos coat and skin.

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Health Concerns

The Argentine Dogo is an extremely healthy and hearty dog. They will require very little in the way of health related vet visits. But like any breed there are a couple health issues that show up from time to time in the Dogo Argentino breed. You should pay particular attention to doing what is necessary to avoid these potential problems.


Like many white coated dogs, about 10% of Dogo Argentino puppies are born with some kind of deafness (bilateral being deaf in both ears/ unilateral being deaf in one ear). Most reputable breeders have their Dogo Argentino puppies B.A.E.R tested (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response). This test is administered by an experienced veterinarian with the proper machine and determines weather or not the puppy is deaf. Be sure to discuss the results of this test with your breeder before the purchase. This will usually eliminate the chance that you as the new owner will be surprised with this issue. But the fact is that even deaf Argentine Dogos, especially unilaterally deaf, can still lead happy fulfilling lives if cared for properly.

Hip Dysplasia:

The Dogo Argentino is a large breed dog of mastiff stock and like many large breeds they have the potential to develop dysplastic joints, especially hips. Care should be taken to see that your Dogo Argentinos diet (especially growing puppies) contains ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin as well as Ester Vitamin C to promote joint health. We recomend 500mg of Ester Vit C once dayly for puppies & 1000mg of Ester Vit C once dayly for adult Dogo Argentinos. We order our Ester Vit C from DNE 800-221-1833.

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Key to training any canine is an understanding of how they think. Following is a bit of ‘dog psychology’ that applies to any canine. All dogs, including Dogo Argentinos, are thought to be descendents of the wolf. And like all dogs your Dogo is a pack animal. I know this may sound a little distasteful but this pack instinct is precisely the reason dogs wedge themselves so perfectly into our families. They want to belong, to please and to be part of a family. When your Dogo Argentino joins your family, even if it is only you, a pack is now formed. At this point his instincts compel him to seek out the structure of the pack- ‘who is the leader?’, ‘who is the follower?’. Dogs with behavioral problems are often allowed by their owner to be confused as to who is the pack leader. If you don’t assume the role of pack leader then your Dogo Argentino will. It is very important to training that you assert yourself early on as the pack leader through positive reinforcement and firm, loving correction, not cruel or forceful punishment. They need this to be happy and will readily submit if you do it the right way. Of course Dogos, like humans, have their own individual personalities. Some may be more willing to accept correction than others. At times it’s not easy to correct such a sweet, mild, affectionate dog as a Dogo Argentino, but it can make life confusing for him and can make training difficult for you if they don’t know who’s boss. So on that note…

Potty Training:

PLEASE START WITH CRATE TRAINING SEE: www.dogo-argentinos.org/cratetraining.htm When potty training your Dogo Argentino puppy you must first learn to watch for the signs (sniffing, circling etc…) Take him out (preferably to the same area every time) as soon as he wakes in the morning, 5 minutes or so after each meal, just before bedtime and about every hour otherwise. Watch the puppy until he goes then remove him from the area as soon as he finishes so that he quickly learns the reason for these trips. Give him lots of praise for a job well done. Don’t scold him for accidents unless you catch him in the act. There will be accidents but remember that your puppy is a baby and does not have the mental capacity or muscle control of an adult, so be patient.

Leash Training:

It’s important to start lead training early. But if you just welcomed your Argentine Dogo baby you may want to wait a week or so till he is fully comfortable with his new environment. Start with a lightweight collar and lead. Begin by just holding the lead and letting your dogo argentino puppy walk you. Then start coaxing him to follow you with gentle grab-release tugs while calling him your direction. Never drag your Argentine Dogo puppy around. Try to make this an enjoyable experience for him. Don’t play with him during these sessions but offer lots of praise when he gets it right.

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